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Important Information

Please read the guidelines below before attempting to post any fic to this community. Includes rules and code for appropriate story header.

(Fic Posting Guidelines)
(Community Pimping)

Coming in October: Prompts of Color

Prompts of Color banner
Hosted at hp_diversity, 1-31 October
A comment fest for characters of color
Ravenclaws! Calling fans of Cho, Padma, and Su Li, get ready with prompts for the Prompts of Color event at hp_diversity in October. Dean/Luna, Kingsley/Sybill, or Blaise/Marcus would all fit here too, as long as there is at least one character of color.


Interhouse Fest 2015: Prompting now open!

Prompting is now open for the 2015 round of interhouse_fest! We'd love to see lots of Ravenclaw-centric pairings, so we hope you'll come leave some prompts. Prompts will be accepted until midnight Eastern time on August 23rd. Click the banner below for more information!

Prompting: August 10 - 23
Sign-ups: August 24 - September 7
Due Date: October 29
Posting begins: November 2

Interhouse Fest 2014

Prompting for the 2014 round of interhouse_fest is now open! We've had some great Ravenclaw stories and prompts in the past, and we'd love to have lots more. You can leave prompts until midnight on August 22nd, so click on the banner for more information!

Ravenclaws Needed!

Houses of Hogwarts Fest
hh_sugarquill presents:
Houses of Hogwarts Fest

Sign up here!

Particularly, we are looking for:

2 Gryffindors
1 Hufflepuff
3 Ravenclaws
2 Hogwarts

Writing about Hogwarts could pretty much be anything that includes house unity themes or maybe just something that involves at least one member of each house. Or maybe it's a study on Hogwarts itself!

Fic requirements is only 700 words minimum, and art needs to be complete/finished.

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Hump Madness 2014

hp_humpdrabbles is proud to announce HUMP MADNESS 2014! A smut-centric Last Drabble Writer Standing competition, thirty-two writers will go head-to-head to determine whose smut reigns supreme! Come on over and join in the fun!

hp_humpdrabbles presents Hump Madness 2014

HP Diversity Recs Month banner

hp_diversity is seeking recs of fanworks (fic, art, vids, etc.) featuring Cho, Padma, and Su Li, proud representatives of Ravenclaw House!

Click on the banner for more details...

Interhouse Fest 2013

We're proud to announce interhouse_fest has opened prompt claiming! There are over three hundred propmts with a little something for everyone -- het, gen, slash, femmeslash, and there are a ton of prompts featuring a plethora of Ravenclaws!

Prompting: August 8 - 22
Sign-ups: August 26 - September 9
Due Date: October 28
Posting begins: November 1


Humpfest 2013. Get Lucky.

Humpfest 2013 is going strong at hp_humpdrabbles! We'd love to see some Ravenclaw-centric pairings left, so come on by and leave a wishlist! You might get lucky...

hp_humpdrabbles presents Humpfest 2013
March 1 - 31, 2013Get Lucky

Humpathon 2012. Be Wicked.

It’s that time of year again -- time for hp_humpdrabbles’ annual celebration of all that is salacious and naughty. It’s Humpathon 2012! Anything goes...het, slash, cross-gen, next-gen, Trio era, et cetera... as long as it follows the community rules!

Come join in and be wicked with us! :D

hp_humpdrabbles presents Humpathon 2012
October 8 - 29, 2012Be Wicked


Interhouse Fest 2012

Prompt claiming for the 2012 round of interhouse_fest is now open! There are a ton of Ravenclaw-centric prompts to be claimed, so come check them out!

To peruse a list of available prompts, click here




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