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Interhouse Fest 2015: Prompting now open!

Prompting is now open for the 2015 round of interhouse_fest! We'd love to see lots of Ravenclaw-centric pairings, so we hope you'll come leave some prompts. Prompts will be accepted until midnight Eastern time on August 23rd. Click the banner below for more information!

Prompting: August 10 - 23
Sign-ups: August 24 - September 7
Due Date: October 29
Posting begins: November 2

Ravenclaws Needed!

Houses of Hogwarts Fest
hh_sugarquill presents:
Houses of Hogwarts Fest

Sign up here!

Particularly, we are looking for:

2 Gryffindors
1 Hufflepuff
3 Ravenclaws
2 Hogwarts

Writing about Hogwarts could pretty much be anything that includes house unity themes or maybe just something that involves at least one member of each house. Or maybe it's a study on Hogwarts itself!

Fic requirements is only 700 words minimum, and art needs to be complete/finished.

Let me know if you have any questions! :)
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Interhouse Fest 2013

We're proud to announce interhouse_fest has opened prompt claiming! There are over three hundred propmts with a little something for everyone -- het, gen, slash, femmeslash, and there are a ton of prompts featuring a plethora of Ravenclaws!

Prompting: August 8 - 22
Sign-ups: August 26 - September 9
Due Date: October 28
Posting begins: November 1