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Fic & Art Exchange Sign-Ups (Closed)

Sign-Ups are now closed!

Applications for the Clever Claws Ravenclaw Fic & Art Exchange Fest are now officially open!

Please be sure to read all of the rules below and use the appropriate form, replying to this post by April 3, 2009. See here for more details on the fest and its timelines.


All Rules of the Community apply, excepting the Header (which will differ slightly for this fest), in addition to the fest-specific rules listed below:

1. You must be of legal age to read/write the highest possible rated material in order to participate.

2. All fics and art will be gifted anonymously. As such, they may not be posted external to this site until after the authors' names have been revealed at the end of the fest.

3. Minimum length for fics is 1000 words. The maximum is whatever you can manage under the time constraints given; however, all fics must be complete. No WIP are allowed.

4. All fics should be reviewed by a beta reader or at least look like they have been. Any gratuitous spelling/grammar errors will be returned to you for correction before the fic can be posted.

5. No extensions will be permitted. Three months is a considerable period of time for writing a single fic. Please be courteous and alert me if you need to drop out as early as possible so that I will have time to find a replacement.


LJ username:
Email address:

What You Will Receive
Three to five characters/pairings you'd love to read/see:
Things you love:
Things you hate:

What You Will Give
Writer or Artist?
Characters/pairings you love/are good at writing/drawing:
Characters/pairings you will not write/draw:
Squicks, etc. you will not write/draw:

Are you of legal age (see rules)?

I hope you're as excited as I am! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Also, I have edited the signup banner for this new phase of the fest, so please visit the pimpage link and encourage your friends to sign up.
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