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2009 Fest Master List

velvetmouse wrote Of Quidditch and Dungeons and Dragons for bk03
annearchy wrote Five and a Half Times Anthony Goldstein Didn’t Notice Michael Corner for suzanne78
captainpookey wrote Tonight, Tonight for misanagi
purelush wrote Seconds for roses_at_sunset
inspired_ideas created Luna's First Kiss for emiime
dark_branwen wrote These Accidents of Faith for The clever_claws Community (Part Two, Part Three)
gelsey wrote Right and Wrong for luvscharlie
emiime wrote The Velvet Mouse for velvetmouse
luvscharlie wrote Recruitment for The clever_claws Community
midnight_birth wrote In the Spotlight for gelsey
suzanne78 wrote Of Flirting, Fun, and Fantastic Arses for writersblock76
slumber wrote Five Things That Katie Bell Did Not Sign Up For for purelush
bk03 wrote Faith for The clever_claws Community
gelsey wrote Seeking for midnight_birth
misanagi wrote At the Other End for captainpookey
dark_branwen wrote Incongruous Compatibility for magikcat112
roses_at_sunset wrote A Fitting Memorial for The clever_claws Community
lily_pearl wrote The Hardest Thing for dark_branwen
magikcat112 wrote Isla Quidditch for The clever_claws Community
writersblock76 wrote The Power of 'What If' for annearchy

I would like to extend Thank Yous to the following:

-All participants for adding just a little bit more to the world of our beloved Ravenclaws.

-emiime for her help in the initial layout of the fest.

-dark_branwen, gelsey, inspired_ideas, lily_pearl, and slumber for the pinch hits. You guys rock my world. That's all there is to it.

-And an extra special thank you to dark_branwen, because you really outdid yourself. 36k of fic is a LOT, especially when consider 15k of that was a pinch hit. ♥

This fest has not run smoothly or timely. I know this, and I apologise profusely. I hope that you all at least enjoyed the awesome fics, if not so much how and when they were posted.

There are myriad reasons for it. First and foremost is that I somehow managed to schedule this fest during my absolute busiest time at work, thinking it wouldn't take much of my time to post 20 stories. BOY was I wrong.

Then over half of the assignments were late, some by weeks. For many I got no communication at all from the writers until after the deadline when I initiated contact, and this necessitated granting extensions. The rules explicitly stated that I would not be granting any, but I was left with no choice--otherwise there would not have been a fest. I was promised stories on extension that were never received, and those and others had to go out for pinch hits at the last minute. Stories came back that were not coded properly, that were in desperate need of a beta, or were in a file format I couldn't open. Pinch hits fell through.

Combine all that with 60-hour work weeks, and--I'll be honest--I lost steam.

I don't tell you this to put a guilt trip on anyone (because, unfortunately, most of the issues happened with multiple people). I've learned a lot of lessons from this experience, the most important being that I will never, ever, ever, ever run a fest by myself again. (And probably not even with help.) I hope that anyone else who thinks about running a fest can read this and be better prepared than I was. I hope that anyone who participates in other fests can draw something from it, too. Namely that a few days late may not seem like a lot, but multiply that by a dozen people and days, and it's a LOT.

But despite all the hiccups, we created some great fics. Ravenclaw deserves every bit of love it can get, and each one of you should be proud of the little piece you gave and thankful for the one you received. Thanks again to all of the above, and I hope to read more of your fics soon!

Your Clever Mod
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